Spencer & Jen | Utah Portrait Photographer

I met Spencer a few years ago at an institute dance.

Good ol' institute dances was where it was at back then ... and I guess now, still, if you're 21 and single looking for your eternal companion. (For the record, I wasn't. It was just the place my friends and I could go and show off our ridiculous dance moves [i.e. the shopping cart, the lawn mower, the velociraptor] /eat too many over frosted sugar cookies/get kicked out for being inappropriate.)

Anyhow, back to this family. Spencer and I kept in touch over the years via social networking. He contacted me to do his family photos and off course I agreed. Both Spencer and his wife, Jen, are designers and I admire both of them & their work infinitely. It was a pleasure for me to be able to work alongside such creative beings, not to mention they have such handsome boys!

(check out Spencer here & Jen here)